Awesome Features of Smart Homes!


Smart Homes bring efficiency, cost-saving & enhanced security into your current lifestyle. But let’s talk about the features of home automation technology that upgrade your home from Smart to Awesome:

Mood Lighting

This must be one of the coolest features of home automation technology. Your Smart Lighting Technology will enable you to adjust your home lighting based on your mood, ambience, and type of event you are hosting, be it a date night, family night or a cocktail party. You can even adjust it based on the festivals – Smart lighting will add an extra element of home decoration during occasions such as Diwali, Christmas, Eid, New Year's & Halloween.

If you are a Sports Fanatic, you can mood light your TV room based on who you support during the match.

Multi-room Audio

Metallica is your grove, but your parents keep playing music from the '60s! We understand the role music plays in one life and hence smart homes come equipped with multi-room audio systems that allow everyone in your family to enjoy their music, without disturbing the others. You can also schedule your playlist for the day with music that will wake you up in the morning, pump you up for your workout and relax you after work.

Command your Entertainment System

Turn your regular movie date night into a romantic one! Command your TV without a remote and adjust your lighting. You can make your home feel like a theatre by fading away the lights once the movie starts and bringing them back once it's over. You no longer must fiddle around with multiple remotes to operate your entertainment unit – Control it with your smartphone or simply speak to it and it will respond to your commands.

Advanced Security System

Monitoring your home for trespassers using cameras is an outdated security method. With Smart Homes, you can scare away the intruders using motion sensors that can trigger alarms and lights as well as sounds of human activity, when you are not at home. It also alerts the authorities in time to catch the thieves. ‌‌

Regulate your Sleep

‌‌With our fast-moving lifestyle and our daily hustle, many of us have irregular sleep timings. This unhealthy lifestyle can lead to several health risks in the long run. Your Smart Home cares about you and can be programmed to get you to bed in time as well wake you up to a fresh hot cup of coffee to get your day going. Smart Homes can be programmed to dim down your lights and play soothing music that relaxes you when it's time to go to bed. This will help you recover and restore your energy for the next day.

These are just a few of the many amazing tricks that your Smart Home are capable of. Smart Home Automation Technology is advancing and evolving rapidly to make your life easy, efficient, safe and fun. It’s time to make the switch to Smart Homes.