Celebrate Festivals with Smart Home Technology


It's that time of the year again and its time when you dig out the decorations and dust them clean, all set to deck up your home. This year, it’s time for an upgrade with Smart Home Automation. Deck up your entire home with the theme of your liking and celebrate festivals like never before.

Here are 5 cool ways to deck up your home with Smart Home Technology:

  1. Theme lighting with Smart Lights:

Smart Lights will allow you to adjust lighting create the right environment for every festival or occasion. Whether it be the festival of lights, Christmas eve or countdown to new year’s, you can create a dramatic feel for every moment that you spend at home.

  1. Automate Climate Control:

With many occasions around the corner, have guests over is a must, especially to show off your smart lighting system. However, having guests over can get very stuffy, especially during extreme weather condition. With Smart Thermostats, one can easily create the most comfortable environment at home for their guests.

  1. Upgrade your entry system:

An entry system is must in every household, but one can really see its effectiveness while hosting friends and family during festivals. This is because by enabling contactless entry you are protecting your loved ones as well as welcoming them in remotely. Homeowners can also record an entry message for guests at the door.

  1. Speakers with Voice Assistant:  

Where is the fun in celebrating any gathering without music?  
Music helps create a festive atmosphere and with voice assistant technology one can command any music of their choice, from carols during Christmas to party music on New Year’s.

  1. Capture Moments: Although cameras are installed at home for security reason, but a homeowner can also record fond memories using these cameras. Homeowners can get a candid recording of festivities at home which they can cherish watching later.

Regardless of any occasions, renovating with technology will create a personalised and smart living environment, which will make living conditions easier and safer for all homeowners.