Seven Smart Home Devices That Will Blow Your Mind


Smart Home technology is advancing every day, which is giving us Smart Gadgets that we never thought we would be in control of in our lifetime. Let’s dive into a few of these Smart Home Devices that will be a part of your future home.

1. Smart Lights

When it comes to Smart Homes, LED Smart Lights grabs the spotlight attention. These wireless controlled lighting systems will leave you in awe with their ease of installation, flexibility, functionality, usability, and efficiency. These are the first technology people gravitate to as it allows them to control their lights remotely and change the mood lighting to best suit the situation.

2. Smart Plugs

These devices connect to your Wi-Fi and can be controlled using your smartphone. It has a speaker that can deliver current news updates, weather, sports commentary & play music. You can also use it to command your other smart home devices. In some cases, they also double as a remote room sensor that adjusts your smart thermostat.

3. Smart Switches

Smart Switches allow you to switch off and switch on your devices remotely. This allows you to tackle the problem of Vampire Power, which refers to electricity consumed by devices on standby mode. You no longer must worry about devices you might have left switched on. You can switch them off remotely using your smartphone.

4. Smart Thermostat

A thermostat that is integrated into your home automation network and is responsible for regulating the internal temperature of your living space. Not only does it automatically detect the change in temperature but can also be controlled manually using a smartphone

5. Motorized Blinds

Motorized Blinds add a dramatic effect to your home interiors, especially if you have a great view from your windows. They can also program them to open in the mornings as a part of your morning routine.

6. Smart Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning is probably the worst chore for any homeowner. You can now automate this by switching to smart Vacuum Cleaners. Not only is this gadget affordable but also takes up a minimal amount of storage space. They come equipped with sensors that guide its movement and can be remotely controlled.

7. Smart Home Controller

A Smart Hub or Smart Home Controller is what brings together the entire smart home experience. A centralized app/device that controls your entire home at tips of your fingers. These come enabled with voice control that allows you to communicate verbally with your Smart Home Devices and are interactive.

Install these smart home devices and embrace the Smart Lifestyle – It is efficient, cost-effective, eco-friendly, secure, and last but not the least, SMART!