Smart Home Technology – The Ultimate Cost-Saving Investment


Along with providing entertainment, efficiency and peace of mind, Smart Home Technology can significantly reduce your expenses and help increase your saving. This is possible as Smart Home Technology is designed to consume less electricity and monitor energy consumption. By simply adopting Smart Home Devices, homeowners can save anywhere between 20% to 30% on their electricity bills. Here are few of the Smart Home Devices that everyone must be aware of that help save costs:  


Smart Thermostats  

Your home cooling & heating systems account to almost half of your electricity bill. Installing a smart thermostat can save about 10% every year by tweaking the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air condition) system while not at home. Homeowners can schedule it to their daily routine, control it remotely, and get information via sensors and the weather forecast. Advanced smart thermostats have additional occupancy and temperature sensors that are installed throughout the home to know when you are away. Homeowners can also pair their thermostat with connected shades and fans to save even more money.  

Even though it is not a viable option for residential apartment owners, Smart Thermostats are the most popular energy-saving device amongst villa & independent homeowners.  


Smart Lights & Switches

Lights being left switched on for no reason at all is a common occurrence in Indian households. This negligence is a major drain on your electricity bill, as lighting takes up about 20% of our monthly utility costs. Installing devices such as Smart Switches and bulbs can ensure that the lights are not being left on unnecessarily.  

Smart Plugs

Most of our modern devices such as TVs, Gaming Consoles & Computers enter standby mode and continue to draw power even when not in use, instead of powering down completely. Although this allows them to communicate with other devices, get updates and perform faster, it is a complete waste of energy, when no one is around to use them. This is called “Vampire Draw” and it accounts for almost 20% of energy consumption in every Indian household. Using Smart Plugs, homeowners can completely cut the power, ensuring energy is not unnecessarily wasted.  


With Energy Monitoring as one the most useful feature of Smart Home Technology, it allows homeowners to monitor the energy consumption of all your smart devices and gives a detailed report of the consumption habits. The first step to adopting a better lifestyle is to understand what you are currently doing wrong. A holistically integrated Smart Home will allow you to monitor your entire home on your Smartphone. This way, homeowners not only receive the complete data at their fingertips but also gives them suggestions on how to reduce their energy consumption.  


Smart Home Technology is becoming more widely accepted as homeowners can understand that a Smart Home can be easily installed, is easy to use and can also be secure. Justified with complete remote control and its numerous costs saving features, the initial investment of Smart Home Technology is no longer a barrier for homeowners, as all modern homes seem to be making the inevitable shift to Smart Homes.