Smart Home Technology – Wireless, Seamless & Contactless


Home Automation Technology is designed to provide a better lifestyle by promising ‘less’. This simply means that Smart Homes adopt a minimalist approach when it comes to installation and usage. This is possible as today’s Smart Technology has three key features – Wireless, Seamless & Contactless.


You can transform your home into a Smart Home without making any changes to the infrastructure of your home. This is because Smart Home Products are wireless – They are connected to your source of internet through which you can command as well as communicate with your home. This is an amazing feature as unlike a traditional home renovation, there is no need to break into the current structure of your home which is both time consuming and labour intensive. If you think about it, the process of home renovation is tedious and inconvenient. It is usually a weeklong process where you must constantly monitor the work, the house is filled with dust and it that disrupts your day to day activity. You can eliminate this hassle by simply renovating with technology, which can be completed within a few hours.


The seamless integration of Smart Home Technology to your Smart Device is one of the key factors that drive the rise of the Home Automation industry. Imagine controlling your entire home from your phone through an app that is easy to use, functional and age friendly. This means that your grandparents no longer must strain themselves by running around their home. They can simply control their home using their Smart Phone with minimum training.

With most of us following a sedentary lifestyle, there are several instances where we delay switching off lights or fans in the other room. This is not only lazy but also very irresponsible as it is unnecessarily increasing our energy consumption. With Smart Home Technology seamlessly integrated into your smartphone, you can switch off your devices and be responsible for your carbon footprint.


We live in times were going contactless is the need of the hour. With the threat of COVID-19 entering our personal spaces, we must reduce contact within our homes. This is a practice that we have adopted for a few months now to avoid contracting and/or spreading the virus. However, this is not a sustainable practice in our traditional home set up. Simply because all devices are controlled using switches which you need to physically engage with.

Smart Home Technology eliminates this engagement. By controlling your entire home through your phone, `you are substituting multiple touchpoints with one single touchpoint. Not only are you making your life easy, but by adopting Smart Home Automation, you are also fighting the pandemic.

Smart Homes not only make your life easier, better, and safer, but also make you more responsible for your energy consumption. Switch to Smart Home Technology today!