Smart homes – efficient & environment friendly


Efficiency is a common word thrown around in professional environments. All of us have been victim to the “BE MORE EFFICIENT WITH YOUR TIME” lecture whether it be from our parents, teachers or our bosses. The concept is simple – getting a task done optimally while saving time and energy. You can even see that in work culture nowadays, smart working employees are rewarded over the hard-working ones. Since efficiency is key to a successful lifestyle, shouldn't your homes be efficient too?

Think about it, how many times have you returned from work only to see your fans running & bathroom lights on. Leaving on the geyser and the oven are very common panic attack when at work. Most of us brush it off as carelessness, as we might just have to pay a higher electricity bill. What we don’t realize, is that it is a hefty price for the environment.

According to research conducted by NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) in 2015 states that around 37% of carbon dioxide emissions are from electricity production just in the US and similar in India according to CEA (Central Electricity Authority).

This is a major concern, as the rate of Global Warming is at an all-time high and all of us must be socially responsible to reduce our carbon footprints.

What is the best and easy way to be energy efficient? JUST TURN THINGS OFF to avoid Vampire Draw

"Vampire Draw" Just simply refers to the electricity which is consumed by our appliances even when they are on standby be it a TV, Washing Machine or Gaming Consoles

We at SmartDEN are committed to reduce the emissions and creating and efficient living space. One way is to switch off appliances by using smart switches which will intelligently understand your usage patterns. By switching to our Smart Ways you are not only being a responsible citizen, but you will also own a home that contributes to your efficient lifestyle and a drop in your electricity bills.