Smart Homes – The Money Factor


The features of Home Automation Technology such as efficiency, security, eco-friendliness and contactless approach make it essential in the world we live in today. But let us talk about the money factor, as it affects everyone from all walks of life.  

Reduce Electricity Bill

With higher electricity bills along with salary cuts, our Smart Home Technology is the perfect fit for the current lifestyle. Home Automation Technology helps you control your devices remotely and hence allows you to switch off your devices using your smartphone. This is helpful because you can make sure that all your devices are switched off when you are not at home and while at home, you can make sure the rooms that you are not in, have none of the gadgets switched on.  

This allows Smart Home User to fight Vampire Power, which refers to electricity consumed by devices that are on standby. In a regular household, vampire power accounts for up to 20% of your electricity bill.  

Let’s take your television for instance. There are several hours in a day that it is on stand-by as no one has taken the effort to switch it off. Your Smart Home can alert you through your Smartphone that your TV is on standby and you can switch it off remotely.


Monitor Consumption

Smart Homes help you monitor your energy consumption using your smartphone. It helps you understand your usage patterns and suggests a solution to ensure an efficient lifestyle. Users also get a clear picture as to which device in the house consumes the most electricity and what can be done to ensure minimum energy usage.  

For example, your geyser can consume upto 14% of your monthly energy usage. Most of this is excessive usage as the geyser is switched on for a longer period. With Smart Home Technology you can program your geyser to switch on automatically for 10 minutes as a part of your morning routine. One the Water is heated the geyser will switch off and you can enjoy a warm shower without worrying about your electricity bill.


Property Value

Smart Homes are the future and having a fully automated home environment will help in raising your property value. Smart Technology not only brings in the “WOW FACTOR” but also a premium value to any place it is installed in.  Current Smart Homeowners are more willing to invest in a home with home automation infrastructure already in place.


It is safe to say that even though Smart Home Technology comes with an initial investment, it does pay for itself in the long run. It’s time to transform your home to a “Smart Home”.