Smart Homes: The Future of Modern Living


Smart technology is depicted in Bond movies as an exaggerated version of reality. 

However, how far off are they? 

Are you aware of the smart technology in the market that can upgrade your standard of living? 

Let us dive into it...

What are Smart Homes?

A Smart Home is a network of home appliances and gadgets that can be controlled by a user remotely. 

This simply means that all electronic devices that you own at home can be controlled by you using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Smart Home technology promises an elevated standard of living by ensuring comfort, customization, entertainment, energy efficiency, and optimum security.

How did they come into existence?

Like any other essential invention, Smart Home Technology came into existence to bridge a need gap that existed in society. The need for a more efficient home system, higher security standards and a better standard of living. Let us take a step back – If you ever heard your grandparents describe their houses while growing up, you would come across kerosene lamps for cooking, heating water under fire for baths, handwashing clothes, mortar and pestle, radio, landlines, and typewriters. 

With the advancement of technology, our houses have become equipped with gas stoves, ovens, geysers, refrigerators, grinders, television, computers, smartphones, and a lot more. However, modern gadgets can often consume a lot of electricity and are expensive. This is where Smart Technology plays an important part in monitoring energy consumption, controlling modern gadgets, and protecting the house. 

Why would one invest in Smart Home Technology?

To understand this, we need to understand how technology has transformed the lives of everyone. Gone are the days when you had to shop in a mall, wait in the middle of nowhere looking for transport, cook food every day, and pay for long-distance calls. 

From shopping online on e-commerce platforms, ordering groceries on Apps, and cashless payments, to booking your cab on your phone and using social media for communication, technology has constantly improved our standards of living by bringing the service industry to our fingertips.

What would your future home look like?

Imagine this, you are woken up at 6 to your morning playlist, your curtains automatically open and your coffee maker has already started preparing your coffee. As you get going and take your dog for a morning run, your geyser is switched on for 10 minutes to heat your morning shower. Once you get back you unlock your door using your phone to save time. 

From work, you can always monitor your dog through cameras. You have also scheduled his meals and treats through an automatic dispenser that you check from work. As the sun begins to set, the lights in the living room automatically switch on. While heading back from work you switched on your oven, which was proofing your dough. As you get home you are greeted with lighting, soothing music, and the smell of freshly baked bread. As you wrap up your day, your home indicates you to go to bed at the scheduled time by dimming down the lights & locking the front door.

When will this be available on the market?

The good news is that most of these products are already on the market. You would have come across home cameras and smart bulbs online. However, no brand in India has created an ecosystem of a holistic Smart Home. 

We at Rusé, are making this a reality through our Official Smart Living App that will allow homeowners to control all their Smart Home Devices within a single ecosystem. With the Rusé App, we are reducing the clutter of Smart Home Apps by creating an ecosystem, allowing a homeowner to control all their Smart Home Devices using a single App.