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Welcome to Rusé Home – Your Gateway to Intelligent Living! Discover a seamless blend of technology and elegant design with our smart home solutions. From intuitive automation to energy efficiency, Rusé offers to elevate your living-at-home experience at your fingertips. Explore our app designed to simplify your life and transform your home into a haven of intelligence.
Rusé Smart Home AppRusé Smart Home App

Your Smart Home – An Advanced
Way of Living

Redesigning Your Comfort With Rusé

Now make your life easy with the Rusé Home app – get enhanced security, easy installation, better control over your devices and with brands that you can trust

Retrofit Solutions

Our smart home solutions are super simple and easy to install in any home – existing or new. No wiring or civil work required. Just plug in to your devices and your home is ‘Smart Ready’!

Learn About News Everyday

With this feature, receive breaking news alerts of urgent and significant events as they happen. You can receive real-time notifications and stay updated on important developments even if you aren’t actively browsing the news platform.

Enhanced Security For Any Home

Home automation offers stronger security features to keep your family and home safe – with motion sensors, door locks, and smart security cameras. Now keep an eye on your home from a distance, get alerts in real time, and manage access users – live peacefully and stress-free!

Flexibility To Upgrade Anytime

For your smart home with Rusé, you can configure upto 100 devices or even a minimum of 1, either in a new set up or with your existing system. And what’s more – save yourself the hassle of any new wiring.

Control Without Internet

With Rusé, you can monitor your home from anywhere and you do not need Wi-fi to do so. Control all your devices from wherever you are and stay stress-free about your home

Trusted Brand Partners And Warranty

Rusé collaborates with some of the best brands in the business to give you a seamless smart solution for your home.

Simplify Your Life with The Rusé App

The Rusé Smart Home App is your partner in making your home your Smart Haven. Whether you are looking for "Smartness" for security, entertainment, lighting or convenience, we help you effortlessly handle them all with our Smart App! Enjoy seamless control through our unique and convenient interface.
And what's more? Save energy with our innovative energy consumption data usage feature.
Now stay on the move and stay in control!


Enter your home with just a swipe. With our “interoperable” feature, two devices irrespective of their device type or brand can work together seamlessly
Smart CCTV camera for home

Favourites Tab

Add your most used devices to your “favourite” section for quick access and easy control
Control devices quickly from Rusé Mobile App
Rusé App is Used for Rooms


Add your smart devices to the respective rooms so you are aware of the device's location and can control them with ease
Rusé App is Secure


We ensure that data transmitted between your devices, the app, and cloud servers is all encrypted and protected from unauthorized access
Rusé App is also Remotely Accessible

Remote Access

Rusé allows remote access for you to enable and control your devices from anywhere with an internet connection – now no more worrying if you forgot to switch something off!
Rusé Smart Home AppRusé Smart Home App
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Think Better. Think Smarter.

Your home with Rusé can be designed to enhance convenience, energy efficiency, security, and its overall functionality. With our advanced features, you can manage and automate various aspects of your living space, making your life more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable.

Where Innovation Meets Comfort

With our top-of-the-line trusted brand collaborations, Rusé ensures that you have access to some of the best smart devices available globally today to cater to the various aspects of your life and design your home in a way to simplify your life, increase efficiency, and provide greater control and connectivity.

Smart lights

Smart Lights

Smart plug

Smart Plug

Smart lock

Smart Lock

Smart camera

Smart Camera

Smart doorbell

Smart Doorbell

Smart controllers

Smart Controllers

Smart IR Blasters

Smart IR Blaster

Smart switch

Smart Switch

Smart extension

Smart Extension

Smart sensors

Smart Sensors

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Rusé homes' Smart & Happy Families

Deep Mukherjee

"Really enjoying the set-up! I find it very easy to use and control the devices using my phone . Rusé really helped me in choosing the right set of devices."

Aiswarya Bimal

I bought an essentials package from the app which converted my bedroom in a smart room and the experience have been very smooth.

Shreyas Iyengar

"Upgrading to a full smart home with Rusé was a game-changer – from the customized solution to effortless installation, they really made sure my home is at my fingertips!"

Ayushi Sharma

One of the best apps I have used.....great user interface and works well with all the devices.......had made my life sorted and would recommend this app to every user who actually wants comfort in their life!

Pankaj Shukla

"My smart home setup blends convenience and security seamlessly; Rusé has given me a modern home I've always envisioned."

Juned Qureshi

Really liked the design of the app. It's very convenient to control multiple smart devices from this app.

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Rusé Smart Home AppRusé Smart Home App
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