Simplifying Smart Homes!

Single app to learn, buy and control smart home

one home, one app, one rusé

rusé is unified mobile app that will let you learn, buy and control a smart home.
we make sure you don't have to struggle between multiple apps to enjoy your smart home!
we are on a mission to makes smart homes accessible and make it work according to you!
Rusé Smart Home App

learn all about smart devices and smart home

News and Trends of Ruse app

Industry News and Trends

Its a source of up-to-date information and updates on the latest advancements and trends in the realm of home automation and connected devices. It covers a wide range of topics, including new product launches, industry partnerships and emerging technologies.
Tips and tricks of Ruse App

tips and tricks

creative ideas and inspirations for automating various aspects of a home, ranging from lighting and temperature control to security and entertainment. We provide detailed insights into the features, specifications, and functionalities of different devices, allowing you to stay informed about the options available.
How to guides and tutorials by Ruse App

How-To Guides and Tutorials

step-by-step guides and tutorials to help users set up and configure their smart devices. We also provide tutorials and guides on configuring and optimizing smart devices. offer a wealth of information and guides to help you navigate the world of smart devices, making your home more intelligent, efficient, and secure.

buy smart packages to upgrade your home to smart home

famous plans

transform your living space into a more convenient, efficient, and connected environment
smart home devices are designed to enhance various aspects of your home, from lighting and security to entertainment and energy management


Minimum devices required to transform your home into smart home!

Work from home
Work From Home

Perfect solution for your work- life balance which increases yours' and your devices' efficiency!

2 BHK full home
2BHK Full Home

Enjoy and enhance the experience of your beautiful home with a smart home!

Ruse App Trusted by Brands

trusted brands

we are committed to provide you with options of trusted brands and Transform your home with renowned brands in the smart home market. Opting for trusted brands offers peace of mind, knowing that you're investing in reliable, high-quality products.
Ruse App Delivers You Quickly

quick delivery

Your smart home devices are promptly delivered to your doorstep, allowing you to start enjoying the benefits of a connected home without unnecessary delays. we partner with trusted carriers to minimize the risk of delays or issues during transit.
Self Installation Ruse App

self installation

We deal with smart home devices that utilize plug-and-play connectivity, meaning you can simply plug them into power outlets or connect them to existing Wi-Fi networks without complicated wiring or configurations. this gives you the flexibility to set up your smart home devices at your own pace and convenience.

control your smart home and multiple smart devices

Rusé App have Multiple Device Types

everybody's favourite brands

Compatible with 50+ world renowned and Indian brands which lets you choose devices from different manufacturers without worrying about interoperability issues.
Rusé App have Multiple Device Types

multiple device types

Discover 10+ device types: lights, plugs, controllers, camera, locks, doorbells and more from different manufacturers under one umbrella.
Rusé App is very easy to set-up

3 clicks set-up

Add a device in 3 easy steps: Discovery, Add and Control and enjoy simplified user experience. You can organize devices based on rooms, making it easy to find and control specific devices with just a few taps.

what makes rusé different?

We partner with trusted manufacturers to ensure seamless integration of their devices into the Rusé smart home ecosystem.
By partnering with established and reputable manufacturers, Rusé aims to provide customers with a curated selection of high-quality smart devices that seamlessly integrate into their smart home ecosystem.


let your loved ones enter you home with just a swipe. this is possible with our interoperable feature where 2 devices irrespective of their device types and brand work seamlessly together
Rusé Mobile App

favourites tab

add your most used devices to your favourite section for quick access and control
Rusé Mobile App
Rusé App is Used for Rooms


add your smart devices to the respective rooms so you don't have to get confused about the device's location and can control those devices with ease
Rusé App is Secure


we ensure that data transmitted between your devices, the app, and cloud servers is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access
Rusé App is also Remotely Accessible

remote access

rusé offer remote access, allowing you to control and monitor your devices from anywhere with an internet connection and be stress free about your home
Rusé Smart Home App
Rusé Smart Home Mobile App